8 easy ways to get your body working harder

dreamstime_m_39133675Try these super-simple ways to take your workout to the next level

Are you after super-simple ways to take your workout to the next body-challenging level? Here are a few surprisingly easy ways to get your body working harder.

Keep moving

When you’re taking breaks in between your Zumba or salsa class in order to keep your heart rate up. Repeat the moves you’ve learnt or walk on the spot to maintain the continuity in your workout.

Time yourself

When you’re walking or swimming and try to cover more kilometres (or even micro-kilometres) or laps in the same amount of time each day.

Use a board

When swimming (yes, they’re not just for keeping kiddies afloat). Swim a few laps holding a board and focus on kicking your legs and butt as hard as you can underwater to help get you on track to luscious legs.

Rival your workout buddy

And don’t just train with them. By trying to achieve the best times, both you and your workout buddy can compete with each other, not just with yourselves.

Add some incline

Find some hills or stairs – and you shouldn’t stop there! Add an incline bench when you’re pumping some weights and put one foot on a step when you’re squatting and lunging for a more intense workout.

Take longer strides when you’re walking

This will up the tempo of your walk as well as work out your glutes, hamstrings and calves.

Increase your weights

Challenge your muscles and improve your strength. Remember, the reps you do in weight-lifting should be challenging in order for you to make the most of your workout.

Add new equipment to your workout

It doesn’t have to be an exercise bike or TRX Suspension Trainer – a medicine ball or 1kg weights can boost the intensity of your workout.

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