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Do you need a Smarter Personal Trainer?

PT Home Sessions

A regular personal training session in your home or office.

PT Consultation

Define your fitness goals and set up a realistic home workout plan.

PT Group Sessions

Group fitness classes in your local gym, home or park.

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Why Use a Smarter Personal Trainer?

Our personal training services allow you to achieve your fitness goals, whatever they may be.

We use a variety of training techniques to meet your specific needs and achieve your goals.

  • Define realistic, actionable goals
  • Create a customized fitness plan
  • Make exercise fun and convenient
  • Produce a more fit and energetic you!
  • Strength/ resistance training (mass & sculpting)
  • Cardiovascular training (high and low intensity)
  • Flexibility and stretching
  • Core stability

Our Blog

8 easy ways to get your body working harder

By Peter Butler | August 19, 2016

Try these super-simple ways to take your workout to the next level Are you after super-simple ways to take your workout to the next body-challenging level? Here are a few surprisingly easy ways to get your body working harder. Keep moving When you’re taking breaks in between your Zumba or salsa class in order to […]

Why join a spin class?

By Peter Butler | August 19, 2016

Sick of the mundane repetition of the treadmill? Looking to boost your cardio? Why not try a spin class? A longtime favourite on gym timetables around the country, spin involves an intense cardio workout on a stationary bike while great music is blasting some great tunes. Here’s 4 great reasons to try a spin class […]

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